Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hello everyone,

This appears to be my first post on this blog. Nevertheless I want to get down to its core and start blogging away..I have done some occasional blogging in the past,however it never really got anywhere due to the work load I had from university etc (you know the drill) hence I am giving it yet another go. But for those who crave some background info.. My name's Maria, I am 20 years old and I am currently a student of Medicine in Poland. However, at the same time I am a huge fashion enthusiast hence I will begin blogging.

In the past couple of weeks whilst walking through high-street stores, I have noticed that lime is making a very prominent comeback! I almost feel spring creeping up, yet when I look out my window and still see 10cm of snow on the ground..I do begin to feel a little doubtful.

Personally, I really enjoy rocking bright colours all year round and especially when the weather is better. Slowly,  I have started to rebuild my 'spring collection' with some pastels as well as some neon brights. However, whenever I enter any store or I am browsing through the web, lime clothing and accessories are clearly the ones which attract my attention. It is slowly becoming an obsession!

My recent lime purchase is a credit card holder by WHISTLES (pictured above). I have to say that the holder is very practical, especially for the ladies who don't particularly like heavy duty purses. Of course, the lime colour gives an essential summer vibe to it! This model also comes in other colours options. Lime is the way forward of course!

-lots of love, M.

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